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Tamagotchi Connection Digital Pets - Bandai

I want to start off with Tamagotchi hand-held games because they became popular soon after Bandai introduced them to the market back in 1996. Around the time Tamagotchi's were put on sale, a few other hand-held games were trying to make their marks as well. These included the Digimon pets that actually came out ahead of Tamagotchi's, Digipets, and Giga Pets. None of these virtual hand-held games had the staying power as Tamagotchi's; however, and thus they failed to survive. Aside from several knock off virtual games that have hit the underground over the last few years - helped along by internet sales - the only other game I know of that found an audience is the AquaPalz pets. AquaPalz consist of animals such as virtual dolphins that were Toys R Us exclusives.

Kids who collect Tamagotchi virtual pets often zone in on certain characteristics about the pets. For example, since the cases come in various colors and designs, some kids might like flowered cases, while others may prefer camouflage cases, and yet other kids may prefer solid colored cases. Another thing about Tamagotchi's is that when beginning the games, there is a mystery as to which pet will hatch from the onscreen egg. Not only that, but the games have the ability to produce more than one character. This means that if your pet dies, you may get a different pet next time you coax an egg to hatch.

Parents and other adults who watch children play with Tamagotchi's might wonder what in the world they are doing. LOL!! The games beep at random and their owner's zip to get them in order to attend to them and often do not want anything standing in their way when time for this special attention arrives. This is because, like babies, Tamagotchi digital pets require nurturing so that they will survive and grow. Lack of attention equates to neglect and neglect leads to game over which means the pet dies.

Feel the Beat
I am sure to be rambling a bit here because I can talk on and on about toys and games I like. This trait is apparently one I have passed along to some of my children. As far as the Tamagotchi goes, for instance, one of my daughters has a shrine of these virtual babies. If she would let me, perhaps I could take a photo of a portion of it and post it later. Other than that, I will probably get back to this post to clear up any ramblings and maybe even to ramble a little more :} Mean time, here are a few of my Tamagotchi pets. You can find them and their peers at my website,

First up to the right is the Tamagotchi Music Star "Feel the Beat".

Feel the Beat is my favorite Music Star Tamagotchi because it reminds me how my son taught himself to play drums. He also taught himself how to read drum music while playing in middle school band. I'm so proud of him for earning Sherman Woody awards for each of his three years of middle school drumming. A close look at the picture shows the drums on the Feel the Beat design.

Next up... "Lullaby".

Tamagotchi Music Star Lullaby is my second favorite in the musical collection. She has beautiful pink coloring as well as lots of musical notes on her case. A la with Feel the Beat, Lullaby comes with a yellow guitar pick which is actually a charm.

Tamagotchi hand-held games are not alone offering  characters I like that bare the name Lullaby. Pokémon has a card named Lullaby as well. When playing Pokémon, I like to use the Lullaby card because it drives my kids crazy. Whenever I play the card, I hum a lullaby in a sleepy, dazed sort of way. It's great!! I really love getting under their skin sometimes! LOL!!

Speaking of other characters, Tamagotchi Music Stars come with other characters as well. The larger packages at my website are shaped like full length guitars. Each of those packages come with three Tama Pets... :}
Then comes "Symphony".

Ever since I can remember G-Clefs have fascinated me. The pink and white coloring on this Tamagotchi Music Star goes perfect with the pink buttons and pink picture frame surrounding the game screen. This pop star also has a yellow guitar charm for a bracelet or other showoff gadget.

This Tamagotchi's name often brings to mind the song, "I Hear A Symphony" and reminds me of my grade school band, make that orchestra, playing days. Yeah, I played a squeaky clarinet and although all the other students had black clarinets mine was silver. I was never quite sure how to take being different back in those days. Today... I relish it!

Dance along with "Techno Sound".

Techno Sound
Tamagotchi Music Star Techno Sound lets kids know why becoming a pop star virtual pet parent is one of the coolest things ever. With Techno Sound, pet lovers immerse themselves in their virtual headphones and delve into uninterrupted musical play.

Techno Sound sits in a classic black case that is contrasted with the soft gray head set. The guitar pick is a nice baby blue and the three control buttons are bright white. Techno Sound goes quite well with "Disco Rave", not shown on this page, but found at my site. Disco Rave has a case that includes disco balls, hence the name, as well as colorful streamers for a perfect dance hall setting.

Last off comes "Rising Star".

The last Music Star I will add to this post for now is Rising Star. This Tamagotchi pop star that depicts what being a rock star pet lover is all about. All Tamagotchi Music Star lovers know that the purpose of growing this line of virtual characters is to raise pets to become rock stars in order that they may perform their little hearts out!

Rising Star
Rising Star comes in a bright casing that is almost watermelon colored. Included with this pop star is a nice two-toned green guitar pick.

Before I forget, take notice that all these short packages are shaped like the lower end of a guitar. A closer look denotes inclusion of six strings going up the center of the packaging as well.

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