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Playing games online in a different type of scavenger hunt. Even call it almost a scavenger hunt. The good thing is knocking on doors, bashfully begging, and weathering storms are not required!

But seriously... Games offered here consist of online searches and require contestants to use their thinking prowess to get to prize finish lines. Games may include crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, riddles, and other types of puzzles. Contestants must answer questions associated with these puzzles in order to move on in the games. Players may also be required to visit other online sites in search of answers to clues.

Prizes offered here may eventually include various types of dolls, children's dishes, action figures, Tamagotchis, and My Little Ponies to name a few. Winnings up for grabs will be disclosed as new games begin.

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Children's eBooks

  • Multi-Racial eBooks

  • Mimi's Stay Outside All Day Day
  • Pepperoni and the Flowers

    Anime Art

  • Art by Mareena

  • Frozen Sherbet Girl

  • This site is still in building stage but couldn't wait to be available for those searching for hard to find toys!

    Check out the first seven links for ideas on what will be available here. In addition to those, many more hard to find listings will be added regularly.


    Players— be certain to check out the rules for these games on the Game Information Page!

    Failure to follow and abide by the rules may result in disqualification from these games and associated prizes!

    The website owner has sole discretion in determining rule adherence and all site owner decision regarding failure to comply with associated game rules is final.

    As stated on the Game Information Page, you must be 13 years of age or older to participate in these contests. Complete age requirements are addressed in the rules on the Game Information Page.

    Contestants must signup to win!
    Although these games are free for all to play, winning requires signing up!

    Reasons to Play for Hard to Find Toys

    Also referred to as "vintage", hard to find toys and gifts are fun to collect and share with family members or friends.

    Winning a vintage toy makes it that much more fun to get since the stigma of being number is attached to obtaining the item!

    In addition to self enjoyment, collectible toys and gifts can be handed down to younger siblings or other family members.

    Winners get to enjoy obtaining their winnings on their own or with the help of friends and loved ones.

    Not winning at first does not mean you won't win at some point and playing is a big part of the enjoyment!

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    People have been collecting toys, especially dolls and cars, probably since the first were ever hand-crafted from wood or cloth. Collecting toys is not limited to child behavior by any stretch of the imagination. Adults collect toys and dolls most likely more than children. This is due to the fact that adults are positioned to pay for their collections themselves. They are also able to shop for their items without awaiting or asking for escorts to shopping centers or online enterprises.